Jabberjaw Lunchbox

by Hanna Barbaric

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released April 29, 2014



all rights reserved


Hanna Barbaric Memphis, Tennessee

Hanna Barbaric are villainous terrors of the high streets and black seas - Members Include: Dick Dastardly (teriyakisan)from Hawaii, currently in Memphis - and Quick Draw Ya Jaw a morrocan mole(The Philosopher)from Hawaii, currently in Alaska.

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Track Name: Mr. Baghead
i cannot grieve i believe in the dead
i go to sleep with a bag on my head
it's made of paper brown as the dirt
gives me the power of one hundred nerds
i cannot see through the bleeding i bled
i hit the streets with a bag on my head
they won't be saying i'm ugly as fuck
i won't be praying to ruffian gods
chuck a rock if you hear what i'm saying
TO YA blocking out the sun while the roosters are baying TO YA
was it them wolves, OR were it the crows,
that stirred in your bones and buried your woes?
then flayed you in half like an ivory spear
elephant tusk in the room in the rear
smelling of musk in the blood of a deer
my dear, don't rust dust off my career
it never started. call it retarded
call in sick every time i'm broken hearted.
then i wake up with a bag on my head
smelling a piece of a tree long dead
easy to speak with a bag on my head
easy to preach through shield made of redwood felled back then
many decades ago
think about them days when i get stoned.
listen to father
rowing to do.
lest we dont make it, sink into the blue
it's callin me back like an angry ex
arrested, i'm later than government checks.
fishing for loving some time after death
digging for missing months buried in sheds
dream of the world but it keeps me in check
so i'll find a girl with a bag on HER head
we'll wake up in the morning together
birds of a feather flying but tethered
dying inside click through the channels
channeling art in the dark by a candle
light at the end of the tunnel we're rumbling sixteen tons on bus that is crumbling
you are encumbered, you cannot move
you must go through all ya shit n drop loot.
dropped on a doorstep one thousand miles
bag on the head didn't think about eye holes
she'll take it off see a lot better
i'll remain blind to the fact of the matter.
it doesn't matter i'll empty my bladder
and toast with a platter of getting much fatter
no hyperventilation for me
i wear a bag on my head when i sleep.

I walk around with a bag on my head.

I go to sleep with a bag on my head.

I cannot dream with a bag on my head...
Track Name: Grindin' Part 1
Grindin' Baby don't.
Grindin' On my own.

little bit of xanax litle ritalin
look at me i achieve bare minimum
stayin home bitter alone like i'm cinnamon
scanning sci fi its why i'm on my own
needless to say melancholic about it
metalhead blastin an amp can't doubt it.
couch surfer, life of a troubador
i don't really search so im on my own

don't give a damn if the maggots don't fessup
i am a dragon on flagons of red stuff.
no interest just pinterest dumb shit
few people hear it i'm on my own
but i keep it grindin til anyone cares
whether hands in the air or some fucked up stares
til A real nerd is known in the bars in the barrios

even if i die first, on my own.

so kill it with fire before it lays eggs
gives birth to an army of spiders with legs
that are barbed and go into faces n kneecaps
making em sway all on my own.

"i remember taxing dem fuckas at the bus stop/ muthafuckas from halsey terrace scattering like buckshots/ young boy tapping your pockets in front the manapua man/you a go sell who a gram? NOBODY TODAY/cause uncle phil the tax man comin to seize your property/
the early grind i admit it wasnt done properly/
Now im breaking my back 24/7 building houses killing tracks and chillin out with nobody im(on my own)/ like i've always been/ i used to get jealous seeing folks with all their kin/ i was still lonely surrounded by all my friends/ so i set out for the world ima try it again/ yo im on the grind like this is columbine and im eric harris with a full magazine/im just laying floors and breaking doors to pass the time cause i cant go back in time and i cant rewind im(on my own)
Track Name: HI, I'M FACEFUCKER! (Dota2killah-You Can't Win)
coming from the grass like a hopper
running from a cop with my copper
twistin up a j like a nado
gonna burn spliffs get baked like potatoes.
i'm carrying my team like a backpack
script too hot got the fear of a black hat
crying to the mother of nature
BY DESIGN I'M A meat head slayer.
I don't get benched not a second string player
FACE get slapped by your own hand face hurts.
dirt guy with an eye for the sword flair
french in a trench and im learning big warfare
burning big cities like a lizard with a horde lair.
built like a wall i'm a motherfucking orc mayor
tell ya momma BOUT YA attitude
ho is a bitch and she gonna get mad at you
RUINING your dreams brah
ya uninstalling steam nah
screaming at your spit covered screen and
lose ya shit careening in my wind beam.
break your mouse screaming out fuck that
I'M smashing through your whole house now son BLAM
i've got a swing like babe ruth
i GOTTA sing while i break you.
appreciate subtlties of my whole playthroughs
you obsolete as a pager
strings on my puppets
stars in my plays, nerd.
fuck you, i love you, good game. you suck dude.

i fuck faces, how about you?
you got a place in town we can go to?
i'm face fucker how do you do?
do you rage quit like a bitch for the lose?
Track Name: Mr. Infinitehead
you shouldn't buy me, i'll try to speak and i'll probably end up dead
i couldn't find me, even if i took a hike from a one track mind into an infinite head.
don't mind me, i'll try to speak and i'll probably end up dead
i couldn't find me, even if i took a hike from a one track mind into an infinite head.

in bed/ embedded, all day arcade-less credits
the green skin rabbit shit - thin lettuce - said id shed it off or im bound to regret it
lacking envy, evidently heaven sent me to arrest my inner self and sin until i win a bentley.

green in the meat go oh no hey, spoiled inside roll high rolaids
four faces emblazoned in bladerunner cases
i read it, it ended in cursed outerspaces.
yeah i played it. it fuckin sucked
just like my luck

now i rob with love and lie and puff and ruffle feathers weather rough
in nether regions see em preaching feel the heat of sleepin demons
bapho-may i baal ya out? accused of a snooze in loser crowds
infused with voodoo kookie mouth, i think pazuzus in ya house
your boogying to groovy sounds of boogie men in dirty south your naked and exerting all your person into sacred chao.

moo. subgenius. hi bob. suck a penis.

black goes your vision BLACK as a prison that's black AND it's filled with black men all in em
black as a night in 63 vietnam, black as remembering the death of your mom
black as a party thats black with nobody but black had no light just black im so sorry.
its blackened you to ashes used to shine their black and shiny boots that blacken out
the sky until you snap awake blacken fools.
Track Name: D|\|/\/\3
all i ever wanted out of life is a little relief
but everytime i look inside all i find is a little riddle there/little bit of,
a little bit of demon/demon in me

demon in me did he mean one of me?
do you hear what i see??
am i hearin the dead in my head?
own dome made a ouji creaking, i let em
thick skin made of bad luck
when a kraken attack say good bye to the fat fuck

in the deep seas, targetted holdin a hammer
bleak from vaginus that's greek for traumatic
leetspeek for a dick can't handle a ratchet bitch
hatch plans like a goose layin gold eggs
churn out the brews so i can deal with the court

whore hey, i'm alone but i prefer it
to dealin with wheels spinning quick with the

im a crack shot kiddies, spackle your girl make

her look real pretty
backlot kid pop rifles and milis. backwoods

hick trained boy from the city.
take stares when ya step up.
wreck up your shit just to get lil rep up.
omen of doom, a crow sillhouette against
the moon now you know soon the worm in the ground

gonna feast on your womb.

demon in me when i'm free on beat
better see what i mean.
whether i pass or last like a leather hide
mountains will move as if i could never die
other fools don't try. i can hear it in the sound

of their eyes.
i can sense their heartbeat, off rhythm, sick

with a schism
tryna act hard, can't deliver.
hah. i can't even look.
step down now ya babbling brook.
my flow like water, i'm killin ya dead then i

marry ya daughter.
samurai tactics, not a poser wit scarface posters
a scholar of warfare well read ogre
a man makin moves a motherfuckin closer.

demon in me look at d. d nme
i am a friend of the militant geeks
tongue like scissors, cut through your facade
ionic order built like a chemical bomb
chemical bond, to poetic rhymes that i sling a

at a crack head goliath meet david the giant
slew thirty men under belt of orion.
i'll be up there with explosions and sky tints.
if ya momma dead ill see ya momma then
ill give momma ya love and a dick a kiss.
im heartless, nothing off limits
not for this artist so edgy
i mean god damn shit it's
tiring being better than most and going unnoticed
by dimwitted hopeless folks with no brain
no ears no soul blowing dough on some,
growing some famous dopes.

sorry, he just got out a little bit
its the demon inside makes me yell like a little

not me your talking to
i'm gone, he's talking through
my mouth like a string puller
marionette to a dark king jeweler.
Track Name: MaHaLo
everytime im alone at night i pop a boner that i fight off so the loner can write
tasty wordplay over the birdbrained not for the elitists treatin nerds unworthy. mercy me i didnt know that it was jerkday!
certifiably insane if you ask me, ask my psychiatrist, he wont be divulging it but you can look in his eyes and shit.
people talkin like dick aint got a big cock but he walks like a titan spittling spite for the jocks
28 years seen more than a little queer spittin fear from a keyboard
i'm at the seaboard diving deepsea
eatin humuhumu nukunuku apuaa fuckers bleeding.
riding on a seahorse

see one of me, obi wanna bes need free force.
back to land job land land-jabs
need a report
hows my dope dope stack? should i re up? do ya need some?? k ill be back. here ya go ya fuckin bums.
sellin h like like a devil sayin ello
revel in the color of your fear its so yellow

you're green with envy i'm holdin a lantern
shattering saturn forgetting old standards
upsetting when i flex my animal antlers
dastard spreading like im stage 3 cancer
check the race stats my strats way faster.

shoot put on some slut boots ya go go dancer

wanna laugh but i sigh when i listen to = lessons from asses in glasses wit fat thighs. i'm also a phat guy. yeah im real fly. thats why they call alabaster, ick to d wicked sick what a bastard. flushing down pricks like a gathering of assturds
seabird toke on that reefer smoke
then migrate to somewhere off the east coast
free dope for everyone who follows
inviting all the ones who feel a little hollow

lets do some cult shit and build us a following free of the hollering negative bothering, all the unhappy dumb crappy bitch ass cunt mouths
a positive crew that'll doom them shut down

pay no attention, they hope that they see your backhanded mentions. these men have daughters? ridiculous fathers, kids hit stripper poles before they are toddlers. oh yeah i went there, bitch with the bear fur, ill trap you like memphis cars bumpin and blastin hard

production values sound irrelevant when you don't got the balance of naturally talented kids. shut your mouth i can see why you were bullied, , it's god damned easy, no white guy voice boy i aint here to please thee. get smacked with a dick backhand in the sink wash ya down into garbage disposal, ya trash, ya remixes can kiss my ass, they remind me of avril lavignes vaginal gap look at wow so pretty, vajazzle that fast

how about a bar that doesn't sound so shitty, how about a day where you hold in your quippy shit and get the fuck off my nuts
you're a blowhard know it all cunt

fat and pasty don't equate to smarts, i'm blastin a racy bit of jizm on your arts. you can't bully when you're biceps are flabby, carpel tunnel syndrome in wrist jerkin sadly.

cry a little while i laugh at your failures, pale jerks dribblin a vague jab k nerd
why don't you mention ya pay dirt.

jump around in a ballroom suddenly a baller
shot caller callin all the shots as your head grows balder, colorless talker, a tosser sometimes i feel like i got a couple stalkers.
bet it feels good to be alpha for once
or is it beta gamma lambda fraternity
always be a prick revel in it for all of eternity
good plan man when we're face to face you can shake my hand as you look away. dont play.
the internet connect to the real life
stand in the sunlight remaining upright
some guys think that nothing on the web matters
i got a kick to the rib for their bladders

so delusional i share things you write, my freidns stay awake laughin at em all night
no self awareness, nothing but boredom, fuck everyone if they werent here before us. its a little late in life to be trying to get back your highschool pride. some lie sayin what a cool guy while they blind themselves to truth in front of their eyes. i get. nepotism. hope you get a motherfucking embolism. brain so tiny. hey look over there. Something shiny.

Track Name: |\|3RD(0R3 L1Ph3 PhR3357'/L3
I'm a nerdcore
Track Name: Zatōichi goyō-tabi
mentally deranged, physically strange, sketchy as an etch a sketch blesss the mic like a saint, for the mighty not the faint rhymin tighter every day
take a hit off of this hookah make ya whoop like crane
cough like an old jew poop in a dudes shoe, wait till he puts his foot inside scream i got you!

pretend i'm a blind samurai for awhile, home alone in underwear developing a sword style

fellas hella versatile, volatile, hostile
skill is iller by a mile look at all the bodypiles
cut the candles this man'll dismantle a platoon
pitch black attacks bringin doom in a dark room
a rockin masseuse, cock of the roost, blocked all the exits now im locked on to you BOOM.
lights out light footed hooded no noise,
full grown man in a land of little boys

dont reach for the heat everything will be peachy
strong as a man with a tan from fiji
yessir professor got a lesson to teachy
don't tussle with the muscle known as zatoichi

call him captain fickle reaction unpredictable
holdin blade like a sickle oh so mystical
ramble more than zeppelin, travel more than seger
gamblings equivalent of the grim reaper
pullup an audio landscape choppin and hackin manface leavin the pillaged villagers dancin and singin mad praise
crippled soldier of light in feudal japan, disguised as a brittle little blind old man
brain functions on an alien level he got gumption
like a tasmanian devil a tornado of aged
chubby asian and sharp steel never slowing, flowing constant motion unreal, a technique perfect injustice rejected, this town inspected these bitches just dissected, corrected, run through it like a river, run into trouble he will stand an deliver,
you guardian angel, their angel of death, a warlord born to keep the evil in check
wartorn bone setter mans a real go getter
cuttin down these sheep deader than an old wool sweater
sacrifical lambs lacking vision lead to slaughter
envision his precision men become blade fodder
police judge jury priest and executioner
skull cracker flesh hacker pro head contusioner
call him an undertaker undertaking blunder makers make a blunder torn asunder thunderous an earth shaker, life saver raw law creator. lives life by the knife for life a life taker.